Trauma-Informed School

Leadership Tip: Start out each meeting with a mindful moment. It’s the best medicine to combat amygdala hijack amongst your team. It primes brains for creative and productive meetings. It also sends a loud message to your team that their health is YOUR priority. Cost=FREE!

Don’t have a clue how to start a mindful minute? Let do it for you. It’s FREE for educators! Log on to their page and scroll to the bottom and sign up as an educator.


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Quick Resource Guide:

Crisis Resources

Self-Care to combat Secondary/Vicarious Trauma


Schools of Education with Emphasis on Trauma-informed Practices

Parent/Community Resources

Finding Evidence-based SEL Programs/Practices:

Totally Confused Where to Begin?

Case Studies

Great Activities to Start with:

Trauma 101

TIC Policy Review Tool

ToolKits, etc.


High School SEL Resources

Restorative Justice/Practices

PBIS & Trauma

Staff Wellness Tools/Handbooks

Training Modules, etc.

Classroom Activities

Attitudes/Readiness Assessment Tools & Screeners

Trauma-Informed Meetings

SEL Climate/Culture


One pager for Legislator’s/Policymakers

One pager for Parents (ACEs)

Podcasts to Follow:




Have a ‘Free’ resource(s) or suggestion not shown on this page? Let me know in the email link below and I will add it. Please, no advertisements. I want to provide this space as a 1-stop clearinghouse of ‘FREE’ trauma-informed School resources for those beginning their journey. Thank you…Jim Walters